Application Development

A beginner’s guide to building an application using NASA’s Mars Rover Photo API.

Rocket launching into space.
Rocket launching into space.
Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

February 18, 2021. Like so many others around the globe, I held my breath, watching, waiting for word from NASA that Perseverance had landed by safely on the surface of Mars. It was only several days later while reading an article about the landing that I realized, by the time NASA received the signal indicating Perseverance’s landing sequence had begun, the Rover had already been on the surface of Mars a full four minutes! Even traveling at the speed of light, it takes each signal sent from Mars an average of 11 minutes to make the journey back to Earth…

City metrics. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around during many different conversations.

How is the housing market?

How is the local job market?

How pedestrian friendly are the streets?

While there is a mountain of data available across tons of different websites, there is not an intuitive, user focused app that enables today’s digital nomads to make an informed, data-driven decision when considering where to move. Until today…

Enter Citrics

Citrics’ aim is to present users with comprehensive comparative city data, in an easy to understand format, enabling data-driven decision making.

The project was conceived as part of Lambda…

Jeremiah Trnka

Product Manager. Software Engineer. Playbook writer. When not creating software, I’m likely fermenting something. Grain, fruit, vegetables, I’ve done it all.

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