City metrics. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around during many different conversations.

How is the housing market?

How is the local job market?

How pedestrian friendly are the streets?

While there is a mountain of data available across tons of different websites, there is not an intuitive, user focused app that enables today’s digital nomads to make an informed, data-driven decision when considering where to move. Until today…

Enter Citrics

Citrics’ aim is to present users with comprehensive comparative city data, in an easy to understand format, enabling data-driven decision making.

The project was conceived as part of Lambda Labs, the final unit of Lambda School, where students have the opportunity to spend four weeks working with a remote, cross-functional development team. Our stakeholder was a Lambda employee. We would be iterating on an existing codebase that included a React / Redux frontend deployed to AWS, and a Java / Spring backend connected to a PostgreSQL database. …

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